I watched President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight. Don’t worry; I’m not going to get all political on you. I said I watched it, I didn’t say I listened.

President Barack Obama and the First Lady Mich...

Michelle went for the no sleeve thing. Note to self: Go to gym. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched to see what everyone was wearing. Some people watch the Grammy Awards for the fashions. I watch the State of the Union. How else would I know that lilac, periwinkle, and Pepto Bismol ties are all the rage? For women, sleeves, or no sleeves? If you are Michelle, sleeves be gone! Or should we wear polyester pantsuits with a jaunty bow at the neck to hide the ravages of time?

No, this post isn’t about the fashions either. It is about something I learned today.

You know those guys and gals who are on the aisle and meet and greet the president as he makes his way down to the podium? They aren’t the inner circle. They aren’t the favorite children and next generation of leaders of our great country. They aren’t the next best thing since chocolate martinis.

Those enviable people are on the aisle because they had nothing better to do than save that seat for up to 12 hours before the speech. I kid you not. And, they can’t place their napkin on the seat, put a note on it that says, “saved,” or have an unpaid intern sit there. If you want to have 5 seconds of fame on TV while you shake the hand of the president as he comes down the aisle, your sorry ass has to save the seat.

My first question when I heard about this was, “Can they go to the bathroom during that 12 hour wait?”

Marco Rubio (R) didn’t drink water for 12 hours while he was saving his seat on the aisle. He was obviously dehydrated, hence the big drink of water during his rebuttal after the speech. Give the guy a break. (I have no idea if he was on the aisle or not, but he was thirsty.)



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