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Let’s talk about manners. Specifically, bad manners.  More specifically, bad manners that make me peevish.

We all know to say “please” and “thank you.” Those good manner policies have been around since Eve asked, “May I please have an apple?” When Adam handed Eve the apple, she said, “Thank you, my fig leaf-festooned friend.” To which Adam said, “You are welcome, darling Eve, but I think you better start packing your bags.

What are some of your bad manner pet peeves?

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Do you see any cell phones here? Of course not! Well, maybe the guys on the stairs are texting. Hard to tell.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s one of mine . . . people talking on their cell phone while they pay for their groceries. It is disrespectful to the clerk who feels invisible, and rude to the folks who are forced to listen to the inane phone conversation.

While we are on the subject of the grocery store, where I spend most of my waking hours, why do people leave their carts in the middle of the aisle and make passage impossible? Their carts must come with blinders and earplugs because they don’t seem to notice my discreet, “Ahem. Move it, lady.”

If I have a full cart of groceries and the person in line behind me is buying a pack of gum, I let them go ahead of me. Why do they rarely say thank you?

Back to cell phones. Sure, we all need to use our cell phone in public places, but why is it some people feel the need to talk on their phone so all the world can hear what they are saying? What about cell phone use in restaurants? Public Restrooms (ew)? What about those nearly invisible Bluetooth dealies? More than once I’ve thought someone was speaking to me only to discover they were on the phone with Aunt Mabel.

Or, how about when you break your neck to arrive on time for an appointment with a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief and are informed he/she is running an hour behind schedule. Couldn’t they call to let you know you had an extra hour to read blogs?

Don’t get me started on thank you notes. Too late. Our niece was married in November. I purchased a lovely gift and had it sent to her house. To this day, I have no idea if it arrived. Sure I can ask her about it, but why no acknowledgement? Not a Tweet, Facebook comment, email, text, note, phone call, carrier pigeon  . . . na da. Not that it really matters, but the dang gift was expensive.

I always stop to let people cross in front of my car while driving in a parking lot. Always. Most people don’t look up, wave thanks, or nod their head. When someone stops for me, I acknowledge their kindness for not running over me.

Why is it some people think it is hunky-dory to let precious Fido poop on your lawn and leave it for you to deal with?

My husband is a big guy. When we travel by plane, it never fails that the person in front of him reclines their seat, thereby ruining our vacation because my husband’s kneecaps are broken. Sure, the seat is designed to recline, but it doesn’t mean you are required to hurt the person behind you.

I sound like Andy Rooney here so I’ll stop. Let me put a twist on bad manners so they are good manners.

Hang up the damn phone.

Call when you are running late.

Make room for people.

Acknowledge kindness of any kind.

Don’t let your dog ruin someone’s green pastures.

Oh, and hang up the damn phone.


I’ll save bad table manners for another post.

What’s on your good/bad manner list?

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