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I love a good joke. Who am I kidding? I love a dumb joke too. My favorite type of humor is dry wit. I don’t like mean-spirited dry humor. That’s just not funny.

When something/someone makes me laugh out loud, my day is complete.

Why is it that jokes are hard to remember? But here is one I heard years ago and it makes me laugh every time. It is one of the few jokes I can remember.

Cue dumb joke . . .

A man went to Antarctica and decided to bring home a penguin for his penguin-loving son. His son sets the penguin up in the bathroom tub with plenty of fish. The thoughtful boy put March of the Penguins on a continuous loop.

The dad becomes tired of Morgan Freeman’s voice and the stench of fish coming from the bathroom. He tells his son to take the penguin to the zoo. The boy and penguin are gone all day and when they walk in the house together the dad says, “I told you to take the penguin to the zoo.”

“I did take him to the zoo, Daddy. Then we went to the movies.”


I am also a fan of puns.

Punography at its finest.

Punography at its finest.

So, heard any good jokes lately? Share ’em here. Happy Friday all!