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Guess whose name is in print.

Come on.


Give up?

Yours truly!

Our dear blogging friend Kate Alexander-Kirk and her colleague Amy Sibley started an on-line literary publication called Zest Literary Journal.

I am in the debut issue. Woo hoo!

I would be honored if you hopped on over here to read my piece in the publication. It is a short essay where I reflect on what to do now that my husband and I are empty nesters. Read the other articles too. I promise you . . . a visit is worthy your time.

Also, check out www.zestlit.comย for submission guidelines for future issues. Kate’s blog can be found at Before I Forget. Stop by her blog for a cup of tea.

Thank you Kate and Amy for inviting me to submit to your publication. Good luck as you catapult into literary history!

People. People. Quit pushing. Iโ€™ll sign autographs after my spa treatment.

Careful. It is hot off the press. Don't smudge the ink.

Careful. It is hot off the press. Don’t smudge the ink.