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Did you hear that Apple Computer has $137 Billion in cash on hand? That is not a typo. I said $137 Billion with a capital “B.” Holy shopping spree, Batman!

Apple owes my family a thank you note, at the very least.

Between my husband, our three girls, and me, we own:

5 Apple iPhones

4 Apple MacBooks

3 Apple iPads

2 Apple Desktops

And a partridge in an Apple tree . . .

That doesn’t count the iPods and various dead Apple products around here. The least Apple could do is say, “Thank you, Coyle family, for adding to our massive coffers.”

Apple - iPod

I’m plugged in now! (Photo credit: e.r.w.i.n.)

But what do they do instead? Pull a fast one and change the size of the charger-dealie on their newest products.

If you don’t know about this, let me explain.

I recently bought an iPhone 5 because my first generation iPhone was dying a slow and painful death. The humane thing to do was put it out of its misery. Of course the new phone came with a charger, so no big dealio . . . until my new phone’s battery ran out of juice while I was driving. I tried to plug the new phone into my old car charger. Darn you, Apple. It doesn’t fit! $30 later, I am the proud owner of a new car charger. Thank you, Apple.

Our daughter’s MacBook Pro, worn out from FaceBooking and Pinteresting schoolwork, was on a death spiral. We bought her a new MacBook Pro over spring break. Same thing! The power cord is a different size from her old MacBook. This isn’t an issue. But it is an issue when you spent $80 six months ago on a new cord because the old one was shot from plug in, plug out, plug in, plug out.

Why, Apple? Why?

Don’t you have enough of my money? With an evil glint in your eye are you thinking, “Let’s change the power cord so we can get $3 Billion more from the Coyle family. Make it a cool even $140 Billion in our cash reserves and we’ll be happy. Muhahahaha.” I bet the sellers of ancillary Apple accessories are happy too.

I read an article that said that the new power cords are better. I see no difference.

Does this move by Apple bug anyone else? What do you think Apple should do with their huge cash reserve?

P.S. My daughter had this existential conversation recently with Siri, the magic iPhone lady.

Wow. That is deep, Siri.

Wow. That is deep, Siri.

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