Hello Blogging Friends!

This blogger slacker has been quiet of late. Much has been going on in the world-O’Robin. To bore you with the details, my beloved uncle passed away in October. As trustee of his estate, I’ve had the phone glued to the side of my head for the better part of three months. While I miss my crazy uncle, I hear his voice in my head and it makes me smile. Rather than being sad that he is gone, I find joy in how he made my life richer for being a part of it.

So, you ask, what made me crawl out from underneath my rock, dust off my blog, and pay you a visit?

My best friends forever at the venerated BBC News gave this humble blogger a New Year’s Day present.

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Company for you Yanks. Along with covering important news such as the world economy, the war in Iraq, and Kate’s baby bump, they featured my blog, YES MY BLOG, in their on-line paper.

Please stop laughing and get up off the floor.

WordPress sent me note yesterday saying, “Your stats are booming!” What?!? I was sure the fine folks at WordPress were still tipsy from their raucous New Year’s Eve party the night before. Since I haven’t done a new post in a dog’s age, I went to my stats page to see what was up. Sure enough, yesterday was a big day.

Hmmmm . . .

I did a little detective work and called in CSI Blogging (a new hit on CBS). The forensics came back and BBC News readers’ fingerprints were all over my blog.

You know how I go on and on and on and on ad nauseam about overused words? Words such as so, literally, really, etc. Yesterday, the BBC News published an article titled “20 of 2013’s Most Overused Words” and gave this blog a shout out. Sort of.

One of the words they cited as overused in 2013 was the word “so.” I did a Strong vs Weak Words post on that very word. Somehow, someway, somewhere, those virtuosos of all things newsworthy ran across my masterpiece of drivel and buried a tiny link to my blog in the text of the article. Ergo, stat bonanza! Well, not exactly, but it was rather a thrill.

Yes, folks . . . turn to me when you want a news source you can trust.

Me and the BBC

Happy New Year!





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