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The ever so talented Paige Coyle, resident graphic designer, took the Valentine’s Day “Coolest Beer in the Coolest Place” contest entries and made them all fancy-like. I submit the photos for your consideration.

For those of you who haven’t been playing along, shame on you, However, here is a recap of what the contest is all about.

My husband gives each of our girls a wad of dough for Valentine’s Day and challenges them to buy an interesting beer and then take a photo of themselves drinking the beer in an unusual location.

You lucky people get to vote on a winner. Maybe this is how we should do the presidential election from now on. I ask you . . . what is more democratic than a beer contest?

Entry Numero Uno

We were in Newport Beach (Los Angeles area for you non-California-ites) in January and it was 80 degrees. Yes, I said January. Yes, I said 80 degrees. Sorry East Coast friends. My husband named his yacht you see over his shoulder, “Rockin’ Robin.” He is sentimental that way.

Β Dad

Entry Numero Dos

Amanda took a 4-hour beer geek tour of the Sierra Nevada brewery and when the staff found out about the contest, they pulled out all the stops (literally) for her and let her drink right out of the barrel. It is just like how she used to drink milk out of the carton when she lived at home.


Entry Numero Tres (When did I start speaking Spanish?)

Jill lives in Colorado and in the dead of winter she was brave enough to don a bikini and trek through the snow to a natural hot spring. It should be noted that her name is Jill Marie and the beer she found was named J. Marie. Coincidence? I think not.


Entry Numero Quatro

Last but not least, Paige is in the final days of graphic design school before graduation. Needless to say, she is hog-tied to her computer while on the final stretch. But she has good company . . . a cold beer and our Uncle Mitchell watching over her while she does her work. For those of you who have read about my uncle, that is his photo over her shoulder.


Okay, it is up to you folks. Vote for your favorite “Coolest Beer in the Coolest Place” photo!