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Howdy, friends!

Back in November (click here) I told you all about our daughter’s sick puppy . . . sweet Echo. The situation broke our hearts and more that a few tears have been shed since Echo’s diagnosis. In short, a congenital condition prohibited her liver from filtering the toxins in her blood, which meant her body was poisoning her.


Echo at her lowest point before diagnosis. Heartbreaking.

The only options were to put her down (not an option for our daughter), treat her with a special diet and medicine with the hope she might live for a few years, or have her undergo a costly surgery.

Our daughter launched a Go Fund Me campaign in the hopes of raising money to help pay for the surgery. To her great surprise and delight, dog-lovers rallied around Echo’s cause and a ton, and I mean a boatload, of money came pouring in. Not just money, but moral support, advice, and goodwill. Thank you to the readers of this humble blog for your donations and posting about the situation on your social media outlets. It truly is heartwarming. Thank you, thank you.

Echo had the 4-hour surgery last Friday and so far it seems to be a success! Thank the stars, the moon, and all things doggone good in this world. She is supposed to lay-low for two weeks while she recovers from the procedure, but try telling that to a puppy . . . especially try telling that to a puppy who is feeling better!

Happy pup!

Echo rockin’ an Elizabethan collar.