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In Search Cover

Hey followers and casual readers of this humble blog,

two announcements from Casa de Coyle.

New Book!

New Blog!

First of all, I finally published my book, In Search of Beef Stroganoff!

Yes. Really. No lie. I kid you not.

You can find it here on Amazon. I’ll wait while you go check it out.

Now that you are back and have put away your credit card, you undoubtedly noticed my whopping fourteen 5-star reviews. This writer’s buttons are busting.

For those of you who knew me when I was struggling to find the words to summarize my book, with the help the reviewers’ comments, I now know how to describe my book! Well, sorta. I still have an interminable internal disconnect in being able to up with an “elevator speech” for the darn thing.

Ripped from the reviews, I present the following:

  • Complex, relatable, believable, lovable characters you wished were your friends . . . reading the book is like talking to a friend.
  • An intimate tale that is funny, yet heartwarming, giving you a wonderful place to escape.
  • Wonderful, skillful imagery and detail of the story’s scenes, people, and places.
  • Mouthwatering dishes and memorable food play a central character in the story.
  • The writing is delectable, warm, and satisfying – like comfort food for the mind.
  • The food descriptions will make you hungry and inspire you to hit the kitchen.
  • It has the kind of romantic love and friendships you yearn for.
  • A tale of self-discovery, personal exploration, redemption, life transformations, self-forgiveness, and growth.
  • It is the simple things in life that matter.

Aw shucks, book reviewers, you made me blush.

The second big announcement is that I am moving my blog, and hopefully my followers, to a new site. You can find me, my blog posts, and I over here:


I have come out of semi-retirement from blogging and will be posting again with vigor. Or at least with less anemia that what has happened here over the past couple of years.

I’ve written two posts about current “the world in which we live in” (grammar, Sir Paul, mind your grammar). You may find them amusing.

I hope you find it in your heart to keep up with me over there. It would be lonely without you!

Be well, and remember to wash your hands.