I tried to come up with some amusing verbiage to go along with this photo but failed miserably. Pithy eludes me today. Maybe I left it in the pocket of my other sweatpants. So, sans pithy, I am (pick one):

Posting this photo because it will have a life-changing impact on your writing.

Strike that.

The photo will move mountains, part seas, and publishing deals will flood my in-box because of the powerful (read strong) words the photo conveys.

Strike that one too.

Truer words were never spoken and Hemingway will back me up on that.

Damn. Strike three. I’m out.

The gosh-darn-honest-truth (ever heard of a dishonest truth?) why I’m posting the photo is because it made me laugh and snort coffee out my nose. Ew.

I hope it makes you laugh too and even though I am flippant today, I believe publishing deals will come my way because of this thought-provoking post, er, flask.

If you put words to the photo, what would you say?

Bottoms Up!

Cheers! Bottoms Up!