Picture this tragic scenario.

It is 10 in the morning and you are pouring blood, sweat, and tears into your manuscript. The words aren’t flowing and writer’s block is setting up camp in your brain. Just when you are about to succumb to the depths of despair and defeat, you remember you hid a lovely bottle of wine in your underwear drawer. Not one of those screw cap jobbies, but one with an honest-to-goodness cork.

Sure, it is Two Buck Chuck, but no matter. It is wine . . . your favorite writing tool.

But alas and alack, in a brash and ill-advised attempt to curtail your 10 am drinking habit, you removed all the corkscrews from the house the day before. What is a writer to do!?

Fear not. I can help you out here.

Go to your closet and grab a shoe. You heard me right. I said a shoe.

Watch the educational video below to learn how you, yes you, can open a bottle of wine with a shoe. I kid you not.

You can thank me later.

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