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This blog is a few months old now and I have made these curious observations. What would you add to the list?

    • At times it feels like I am talking (writing) into space, and I’m left to wonder if anyone is listening (reading). How fun it is when the comments come rolling in.
    • Blog statistics are a cruel mistress. One day they are abysmal and the next, for no apparent reason, they soar. (Perhaps it is the writing you say?)
    • Again, for reasons I can’t explain, I have had dozens of visits from Viet Nam, Malta, Mongolia, and many other far off places.
    • I’ve made what I consider friends, even though we have never met.
    • It helped me reconnect with people who found me because of my blog.
    • More strangers follow and comment on my blog than do friends and family.
    • There are a lot of smart people out there with cool things to share, which makes it next to impossible to keep up with reading blog posts.
    • Bloggers are a friendly and supportive lot. At least they are in the blog circles I run in . . . maybe that wouldn’t be the case if I were reading/writing blogs on controversial subjects.
    • Bloggers make up a GIGANTIC small community.

I’ve learned helpful things from my fellow bloggers, viewed cool images/videos, and laughed out loud more times than I can count.

Thanks for making me laugh, scratch my head, and teaching so much.