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I have a thing for signs. Not signs as in harbingers or black cat omens, but more like, well . . . signs. Weird that I am, I take pictures of signs that amuse me. I also snap shots of signs I want to edit. A writer’s work is never done.

Here is a sign I want to edit.

Trader Joe's

Have you heard this cardinal rule? “Never use a big word when a diminutive word will do.”

I think the sign should read, “Trader Joe’s not responsible for damage caused by inconsiderate people who leave their shopping carts in places where they are likely to roll into the side of your car.”


This store is not familiar with a commonplace punctuation mark.

Children Objects

My children objects are very heavy too. Don’t tell my girls I said so.


I saw this sign at a rest stop along the verdant Bonnyville Salt Flats in Utah. It was disconcerting, to say the least.

snakes and scorpions


Some signs make me chuckle. I love dog humor.

Beware of the dog


This sandwich shop was in Kilkenny, Ireland. I told you Irishmen have a grand sense of humor.

Blaa Blaa Blaa


I used this sign in a recent post about typos.



Nothing says, “I love you, Mom” better than taking her pole dancing.

Pole Dancing


I should have used this sign in my now famous (or should I say infamous) Freshly Pressed post about cursive writing.



And finally, no post is complete without a second mention of beer.

Brewer's Haven