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Remember Amanda’s letter where she wrote about her Platoon going to the rifle range to “group and zero” their M-16s? I thought you would enjoy this photo of Amanda next to her target. You can see, first-hand, the tight pattern of her shots. The tight pattern was the first thing my husband noticed. The first thing I noticed was she is in one piece. You can also see her cool Birth Control Glasses. The glasses don’t hide the intense look in her eye though. That is our Amanda!

I snagged the photo off her Platoon’s Facebook page. I know, I know . . . no razors, telephones, or computer access, but someone in the Army is maintaining their Facebook page. There is irony in there somewhere, but I can’t put my finger on it. If you want to check out their page, here is the link ~ Delta Company

Tomorrow, I will start posting her latest 14-page (yes, 14 pages) letter in a series of installments. I needed a nap and an aspirin after reading it. Interesting (read, harrowing) stuff.

P.S. Your letters are in the mail with guaranteed delivery by Saturday. I have a couple straggler letters (thanks stragglers!) and will send them off tomorrow by priority mail. You folks are A-Maze-Ing. Bless you all.

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