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Something wonderful happened at my blog.

What, Robin? What? Were you Freshly Pressed again?


Did Santa deliver dozens of new followers?


Did your blog land you a book deal?


For crying out loud, Robin. What happened?

Something much better than any of the things you guessed.

My blog has had hundreds of hits from people looking for Sandy Hook Elementary School’s address after I posted it here on Friday. It is a small indication of how many tens of thousand looked for the address elsewhere. Our friend Oma reminds us to think of the police, firefighters, and paramedics here and gives us links to how to contact them. Let’s not forget the teachers and staff of the school either.

It warms my heart that people from around the world want/need to express words of sorrow or comfort to the Sandy Hook community at a time when adequate words are hard to find.

It helps restore my faith in humanity. The world cares. One madman can’t change that.

Broken Hearts - Facebook Cover Tribute

Broken Hearts – Facebook Cover Tribute (Photo credit: Daniel M. Reck)

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