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The proper use of “like”.
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On July 5th we groaned about annoying phrases we would like (used correctly here) to see banned. I promised a follow-up post with the additions you made in the comments. You guys are hysterical!

So here are the additions to the list along with a link to who added the word or phrase. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. Going back and forth to link everyone’s blog made me dizzy!

Too much information. ~ Subtlekate

“I could care less.” vs “I couldn’t care less.” ~ Subtlekate and Promethean Times and JMMcDowell

Like ~ Bringing Europe Home and Ramblings of the Insane Girl

I hear you. ~ Fly Away Home Book

I feel you. ~ Robin Coyle

Basically ~ The Laughing Housewife and Promethean Times

Literally ~ Personal Growth

I’m just saying. Or, Just saying ~ Blurt and Brain Splats

No probs. ~ Vanessa Jane Chapman

Are we on the same page? ~ Comedy in Crisis

“Hella” and “irregardless” ~ Readncook

If you want the truth. ~ Legion Writer and Laughing at Everyday Life

You are too funny. ~ Lori’s Lane

Ya know, I totally get you. You rock. You’re the bomb. I got your back ~ J. Keller Ford

You may not believe in God, but he believes in you. Bullseye. Totally. Everything happens for a reason. The grand finale. ~ ahamin

Back in the day. High end. Yous. You know what I’m sayin’. That’s special. ~ Beyond the Brush 

Whole ‘nother thing. If viewed in this context. ~ Promethean Times

I so get where you are coming from. ~ Carrie Rubin

Chill. A fabs listen, babe. Soz. Laters. ~ Ms. Katykins

Have a nice day. Help you? No problem. What’s up wit dat? ~ Diabetic Redemption

It’s a heavy lift. ~ News of the Times

Low hanging fruit. ~ Robin Coyle

I’m starving. ~ 4amWriter

It’s not you, it’s me. Have a nice day. I’m not being funny, but . . . ~ Dotty Headbanger

What’s new? ~ On the Homefront and Beyond

I couldn’t be bothered. Honestly. ~ Writing by the Numbers

Everything happens for a reason. ~ Richard Coyle