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You knew it was coming. The dreaded word “they” is related to “it” and “them.” If you missed those posts click here and here.

“Them” is a nice enough word, and because it is so nice, I invited “them” to over-stay their welcome in my WIP. “They” blend into the wallpaper, but when you give them a name badge and a cocktail, “they” become the life of the party.

Here we go . . .

She writes lovely comments on my blog but under the surface I can tell they are pandering. 

She just wants you to follow her back.

She makes innocuous comments on my blog, but under the surface her words are judgmental and mean-spirited.


I hired a team to make nice comments on my blog and they did an excellent job.

You can hire someone to do that? What is their number?

 The team I hired to make comments on my blog turned into an angry mob so I contacted my lawyer about a restraining order.


My readers were polite in their comments, but they covertly envied my success as a blogger.

 I have comment-envy too.

My readers made nasty comments on my blog, but my feelings were not hurt because bloggers are a jealous lot.

Wow! Can you believe we are on Part 20 of the Strong vs Weak Word Series? I can’t.